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treat thalassemia

Let’s Not Treat Thalassemia But End It

Prevent and not Treat Thalassemia

Thalassemia is a blood disorder that is inherent in nature and causes severe anemia. This condition is passed down from parents onto their children. The  treatment for thalassemia includes repeated blood transfusions and lifelong recommended treatment. Minimum amount required to treat thalassemia is a minimum of Rs 1-1.5 lac per annum.

Thalassemia is highly prominent in various parts of central and south east Asia. One in every 30 Indians is a thalassemia carrier.

How can I know if I am a Thalassemia Minor/ Major?

  • Get checked if you are a Thalassemia Minor by getting your blood tested in any reputed lab for CBC & HbA2.
  • A test before marriage but definitely before planning a child. In case you happen to be:
  • A Thalassemia Minor: needs to take no precaution.
  • Partners of Thalassemia Minor to test themselves for Thalassemia minor status.
  • If both partners are Thalassemia Minors, then consult a doctor for genetic counseling before conception and get prenatal diagnosis done.

How to prevent it during pregnancy?

  • In the first trimester, various tests for blood disorders can detect thalassemia. These exams are crucial to ensure the growth of a healthy baby.
  • Post the detection of thalassemia, parents are counseled on their various options including abortion.

Finally how can we end Thalassemia?

  • In order to treat thalassemia government needs to work towards a collaboration with various medical institutions. In addition, the HbA2 test has to be made compulsory for every pregnant woman who is within 14 weeks of pregnancy.
  • NGOs need to work in partnership with various blood banks across India that work on encouraging the youth to donate blood or treat thalassemia.
  • Join Bmydonor, a platform created and marketed by ANTS Digital that educates and encourages people to donate blood regularly. The recipient family donates a small amount to the charity selected by the donor on his behalf.

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