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Precautions in order to avoid Thalassemia Pregnancy.

Eradicate Thalassemia Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is an exciting life experience for most women. However, it can become very traumatic with all the time spent at a hospital. Suddenly there’s too much information such as blood count and hemoglobin level and if one of them turns out to be a  Thalassemia pregnancy, critical decisions have to be made. Decisions made on such tests are necessary without them adding to the already existing financial and stress levels. 

The process of frequent blood tests and people giving different kinds of advice can be stressful, it’s important to keep in mind that some of the tests are essential and can save the life of the baby and the mother too.

Important Tests

The first test is a carrier genetic screening conducted as the couple plans for parenthood. It detects if the parents might be carriers for serious genetic disorders such as Thalassemia. Thalassemia is particularly common amongst people in the South  Asian region.

Sometimes parents can be carriers without showing symptoms but can pass on the gene of disorder to their children. Test on a parent can be forgone incase the other parent is not a carrier. A child has a big chance of getting a genetic disorder when both parents are tested positive carriers.

The doctors recommend a genetic test in order to avoid an abnormality. The genetic counselor also helps the couple understand which type of genetic test is relevant to their case and the kind of outcome they can expect. A counseling session is arranged for the parents when abortion is being considered.

The ‘CBC’ is an important test, conducted in early pregnancy. This measures a variety of factors in your blood.  Crucial indicators in your CBC test results are the hemoglobin, hematacrit and platelet count.

Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells which enables transfer of oxygen throughout the body. Hematacrit is a measure of red blood cells in the body. Anemia results when either of these counts is low and it requires immediate attention by the doctor.

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