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Donating Blood for Bmydonor

Donating Blood: Always a Pleasure

We are constantly evolving ourselves to be great professionals, learning new things and unlearning the old. In this process we somewhere forget our responsibility towards each other. A responsibility that needs no push but just a little thought. My father use to say that you need not be in a institution to learn, life gives us an opportunity to learn from others. Donating Blood is one of the most noble deeds.

I recently had the privilege of donating blood and I really felt humbled. Nothing can be more precious than donating your own blood and the experience of blood donation is worth cherishing for years to come. People have this misnomer that donating blood could lead to weakness but that is not the case at all. Just after donating blood your body helps you rebuild and equalizes the same volume in some time.

We don’t respect what we have in abundance and for some this is Life. Human race can evolve with science and technology but they will still have to rely on Humans for blood. This experience has completely changed my outlook and I have become an evangelist to people who are in need of blood. I have now started actively reaching out to my family and friends to lend a helping hand to ones who need it the most. The process is very simple; you need to have a good level of hemoglobin and the willingness to donate. The blood banks are well equipped to share all facts about your blood level and also suggest if you have the capability to donate blood.

Final Thoughts

With this blood donation I felt very confident and I pledge to donate blood as and when needed, My perspective has totally changed, I want to have a healthier lifestyle, keep fit and motivate all my friends to come forward and donate blood.

Life is unpredictable but any good that we do comes back to us within this life.

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